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What I Do

I'm a Designer, Educator, and Adventure Seeker. Some call me a Business Coach. Others think of me as a teacher. I believe everyone can blend their work and play and build businesses, websites, and brands as extensions of themselves by utilizing their already-acquired knowledge & expertise and packaging their unique skill sets. I work with students all over the world teaching and leading Entrepreneurship courses and workshops, by working through inner learning techniques that bring forth the limiting beliefs/"circumstances" that are often holding us back.

When I work, I work as a Partner, not a "hire" not an outsourced expense, but someone who cares enough about what you do as you do. Because, to be quite frank, I don't take on projects I'm not a 110% over-the-top, tickle my soul, thrilled with. I only work with individuals and businesses whose mission and values align with my own, so I can pour my heart and soul into the work we co-create.

I offer a variety of digital & print design solutions, as well as 1-1 mentorship and coaching strategies, to cater to my client's specific needs. I build websites, brands, and digital marketing funnels (webinars, email marketing leads, automated products, etc.) in order to drive traffic, revenue, and impact for my client and their extended community. I believe in empowering solo entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized business owners to pin point their unique skill sets and expertise, find what sets them a part from the crowd, and create a monetization strategy that enables them to blend their work & play and create the lifestyle and business of their dreams.

My work ranges from print and web flyers, digital brochures, graphics, and website creations, to logo design, branding identity, youth mentorship, live workshops, startup consulting, and copywriting.

I believe one's work should be fun, and it's not only possible, but easy to create our ideal work&biz lifestyles when we can generate an income from doing "work" we love, and packaging our already attained knowledge.

If you're here, you and/or your business is stuck in some way, and it doesn't match up with the greater vision you see for yourself and your work. I'm simply here to assist you along the way, and get yourself and your business to exactly where you need to be.


• Workshops

• College Short Courses

• Building Websites & Brands as Extensions of Ourselves

• Community Mentorship

Design Solutions

• Web Design

• Digital Media Management

• Print & Promotional Flyers, Graphics

• Logo Design

Biz&Lifestyle Design

• 1-1 Mentoring

• Peer Coaching

• Building automated revenue streams by packaging already acquired expertise

• Work/Life Integration

Let's Get Specific


Wordpress & Website Lessons for Hands-on Business needs

Online Marketing

Construct Webinars and Marketing Funnels

Media Management

Content Creation, Website and Social Media Management


Vision Creation & Ideation: Scalability & Growth

Mobile Ready Design

Web & App: Wireframing and Design

Biz|Life Integration

Creating automated products & recurring revenue streams

Sneak Peak into My Life


I’m Kevin Diamond, 23, Graduated from Stonehill College in 2012. I’ve been a Designer all my life, and stepped into the entrepreneurial realm mid 2013 prior to launching a beta of a software platform, building and supporting a conscious community of entrepreneurs and creators. Throughout the time of building and scaling a business alongside growing a mindset I got my feet wet in Personal Development, Life & Business Coaching, Teaching, and Travel Hacking. I coach ice hockey all year-round, run and teach workshops at entrepreneur retreats, host local and online meet-ups for Under30Experiences, and lead summer classes in Anguilla. I have a passion for the beach, kundalini yoga, and running a Laptop Lifestyle that allows me to enjoy working from anywhere– time permitting and with a wifi connection, ofcourse ;) .


I believe design enables us as individuals to create and build visual solutions (be it businesses or web, digital & print graphics) to become an extension of ourselves and our brands; and allow us to connect with our intended audiences. Clean design stands as a bridge between businesses and consumers and connects companies with individuals on their alignment in their values and beliefs. I believe every individual has a myriad of talents and unique skill sets, defined and shaped by their own personal experiences, and I believe in enabling these individuals to gain clarity on these talents, pin points these skill sets, and create a monetization strategy to drive revenue from their already acquired knowledge and expertise. Design is merely the platform that allows this transformation to occur. From concept to creation I believe in supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners, in building and designing the life and business of their dreams, simply using design as the element to allow for this to happen. 

Happy Clients

What they say about Me.

  • Caroline Burchfield
  • Jaimee-Martin
  • Lynan
  • Gia
  • Ben
  • I can’t imagine a more accommodating, cheerful, earnest or effective website builder.  I have had the pleasure of working twice with Kevin in this capacity, and I implore friends and colleagues considering web projects to connect with Kevin.  Kevin TRULY cares about his clients-he invests heavily in his relationships and is meticulous about meeting his client’s needs.  No question is too stupid, no idea too crazy, and if he doesn’t know the answer to a question, he finds it and reports back in a clear and timely manner.  The process of building and maintaining a website can be overwhelming, but with Kevin, it is never stressful.  He makes the project exciting, collaborative and satisfying.  I can not recommend him highly enough.
    Caroline Burchfield
    SOAR and SVAS

  • Kevin Diamond has many valuable skills that set him above the rest. What sets him above the rest is his drive and passion, he can connect with anyone and creates a great atmosphere for learning and success. At PCC he worked with high school aged students to create websites at the summer camp I help run and during the year I also have the pleasure of working the Kevin on our very successful website he that singlehandedly created from scratch. We have had very great reviews of our website already thanks to Kevin. He goes above and beyond in all that he does and is wonderful to work with. Please know that I give my highest recommendation to him without a doubt!

    Jaimee Martin



  • Kevin is extremely present with the tasks at hand, he is very well connected and a fearless cold caller/emailer. He is calm in the middle of chaos and knowledgeable about the development aspects of startup culture. He is hilarious and extremely business saavy, a winning combination for a collaborator.

  • Kevin and I only met about 6 months ago however we instantly connected and have done a fair amount of back-n-forth creative brainstorming, idea swapping, coaching and support with each other’s entrepreneurial projects. When we first met I was instantly drawn to his energy. As you’ll quickly find out Kevin is happy, full of life and a go-getter. He is passionate about what he’s doing. He listens to what you’re doing. And he’ll do whatever he can to help you succeed. Bottom line. He cares. I recently hired Kevin to help me package some of my new coaching services and I reached out to him because I love that he can do multiple things for me, he’s part partner + designer + writer. And he’s all about the follow through. Getting things done. And taking action. And for me, that’s key. He recently shared a “rough-cut” for a speech he just wrote and honestly I was floored. I told him if he hasn’t realized it yet…he’s got it. Meaning, he’s got what it takes to do what he wants. And the fact that he’s genuine + honest + relatable is the icing on the cake. Kevin, is the “full meal deal.” What you see, is what you get. And that big smile of his is held up with heart :)

  • He goes beyond every and all expectations. Not only does he proactively help those in his network, he does it with extreme enthusiasm, love, and creativity. I’ve never met anyone that supports his network more than Kevin.

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