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What I Do

Business is not the same as it used to be. Organizations represent themselves differently in the last decade. Everyone seems to be starting their own idea or leading a pyramid scheme.

Society has changed drastically in the last decade and subsequently so has our everyday lives. Privileges such as safety, security, and work have now all been replaced with: effort, self-reliance, and personal knowledge. With technology at our fingertips, it is almost possible that anyone with access to a smart phone or computer can learn over 15x the amount of skills others could acquire in a life-time only 3-4 decades ago. It has become evident that passion and business are slowly merging the gap they used to stand separate from and companies such as TOM's Shoes and Wanderer Bracelets are taking over. But why?

People don't just want what works any more. They want something that makes them feel good. Whether it is a company, an electronic item or a food, they want something that means more to them, that resembles them. The Prius Hybrid does not succeed in sales because of its gorgeous style. It is one of the (design-aesthetically speaking) ugliest versions of a vehicle we as a society have ever seen. But it's sales are exponential. Why? Because driving a Prius stands for something. It means the driver cares about the world.

Design works as a tool to spread a message that often people, companies, or small businesses would overlook, or have trouble getting across. Done well, it can change ones outlook, influence purchases, and even open and shape view points on controversial subjects. Done wrong, it can impede, offend and hurt reputations, personal ego's or even limit potential.

As a Designer it is my duty to connect with your message as a brand owner, small business, or local organization and express through web design, graphic design, and any and all print or promotional materials, the feelings, purpose and values of your business or enterprise. When we work together, we work as partners, not an outsourced hire, not one client for another, but a team to bring forth the best representation possible of your brand and/or business. To impact, influence, and better the lives of your audience. Whether they are educated young scholars, consumers, food-eaters, or brand activists.

Having led design strategies for many companies around the globe, I pride myself in taking every client on, as a special piece of my own life, and only work with those whose missions and values align with my own; to enable myself to only put forth and produce the best possible design work for themselves and their business (or intended audience.) Design, like attire is a valuable thing. And in this modern world where our digital representation of ourselves is almost as important if not more important, than our actual self or business representation, it is imperative that we are up to speed and caught up with the modern times.

Good design is not simply a privilege anymore, but a standard and our need to connect our brand and message with our audience is higher than ever. With the over-inundated amount of media channels to connect with and use from social media outlets, to email and print marketing, it is essential that we have a clean, clear and steady way of sharing our message with our audience and benefiting our consumers in the way that we do best.

Some of the services I provide are: Digital, print and graphic design, logos, flyers, promotional materials, as well as web design, social media marketing, book and print design, and teaching and leading educational workshops on topics from design to personal development and social entrepreneurship. I have worked to craft my skill into a passion-filled business and am able to pass it forward to others by connecting their work and play and building businesses out of their unique skill-sets, crafts, and passions. I work with local businesses, organizations and companies in all facets of design-related goods and assist from beginning stages well beyond fruition to confirm their message is set, clear, expressed and well-intended for their audience, to drive whatever results they need.


Having led a business retreat in Croatia, taught a web design work shop in Anguilla and led a summer course on graphic design in Boston, Mass– I teach a variety and mix of short courses, personal development workshops, and seminars all in the realm of creating businesses and websites as an extension of ourselves. A few short areas that I teach in are:

• Personal Development Workshops

• College Graphic and Web Design Short Courses

• Building Websites & Brands as Extensions of Ourselves

• Youth Community Mentorship & Social Entrepreneurship


Having designed some of the top brands promotional and marketing assets from travel companies around the world to innovative startups in the tech industry– I utilize design as a bridge between person and message and strive to connect brands with their intended audience while boosting everyone’s experience. I believe design is an extension of ourselves and used correctly can impact largely the decisions and choices in everyday life. Some of my expertise in the design field are:

• Web Design

• Social Media Marketing

• Digital, Print, and Promotional Flyers, Graphics, Assets

• Logo Design & Branding


Living in Costa Rica for 5 months, while traveling and leading tours all of Central America– My travel experiences have brought me a wealth of knowledge around the world and opened me up to new perspectives. I see social entrepreneurship as a fundamental need in our society, and have let travel influence me, my design practice, and shape my personal relationships. Some neat places I’ve been are:

• Ziplining through the Costa Rica Rainforest

• Back-packing in Northern Italy

• Sleeping under the stars in Badlands National Park, SD

• Skinny Dipping in the Mediterannean Sea

Areas of Expertise

Web Design

Web Design, Re-branding And Graphic Design needs

Graphic Design

Logos, Branding, Print, Flyers, Business Cards

Social Media

Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Content Creation


Website Management, Web updates, technical support

Book Design

Ebook design, Print book, Mobile-ready design

New Business

Business Set-up, start-up through completion process



Born in 1991, and graduated early from college in 2012 with a BA in Graphic Design, Kevin has since, led business retreats in Europe, run workshops in the Caribbean and worked with advanced learners at an, 8th & 9th grade summer school in Boston, Mass. When not designing behind his laptop you can find him, lazily driving his car to the gym, road-tripping or grabbing sun wherever he can at the nearby beaches.

Having been a designer all of his life, Kevin fine-tuned his practices after college prior to branching out under his own umbrella to connect with local businesses, small organizations, and conscious companies supporting in their everyday design needs. Through the course of personal development, entrepreneurial growth and a myriad of travel, Kevin has worked alongside businesses such a top Travel companies, publishing houses, and self-made 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs.

Now residing in Sunny San Diego, and making cameo appearances on the east coast (during the holidays and warm seasons) Kevin prides himself in his emphasis on connecting with his clients and focusing on their needs to deliver design, web support, and all other assets that support their organization and/or business.

It is imperative in this modern age that design stands as a bridge between consumer and brand and Kevin strives to make this message clear and legible for the benefit of all parties.

His focus is on clean, minimal design and lives and practices by a favorite quote of Charles Mingus, “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”

When not traveling, he can be found beaching, surfing, or driving around his Jeep and taking up shack, working behind his laptop and truly living his laptop lifestyle.

Happy Clients

What they say about Me.

  • Caroline Burchfield
  • Father Joe, St. Mary Church, St. Mary Church Lakeville CT
  • Jaimee-Martin
  • Lynan
  • Gia
  • Ben
  • I can’t imagine a more accommodating, cheerful, earnest or effective website builder.  I have had the pleasure of working twice with Kevin in this capacity, and I implore friends and colleagues considering web projects to connect with Kevin.  Kevin TRULY cares about his clients-he invests heavily in his relationships and is meticulous about meeting his client’s needs.  No question is too stupid, no idea too crazy, and if he doesn’t know the answer to a question, he finds it and reports back in a clear and timely manner.  The process of building and maintaining a website can be overwhelming, but with Kevin, it is never stressful.  He makes the project exciting, collaborative and satisfying.  I can not recommend him highly enough.
    Caroline Burchfield
    SOAR and SVAS

  • Kevin is very beyond his 25 years–

  • Kevin Diamond has many valuable skills that set him above the rest. What sets him above the rest is his drive and passion, he can connect with anyone and creates a great atmosphere for learning and success. At PCC he worked with high school aged students to create websites at the summer camp I help run and during the year I also have the pleasure of working the Kevin on our very successful website he that singlehandedly created from scratch. We have had very great reviews of our website already thanks to Kevin. He goes above and beyond in all that he does and is wonderful to work with. Please know that I give my highest recommendation to him without a doubt!

    Jaimee Martin



  • Kevin is extremely present with the tasks at hand, he is very well connected and a fearless cold caller/emailer. He is calm in the middle of chaos and knowledgeable about the development aspects of startup culture. He is hilarious and extremely business saavy, a winning combination for a collaborator.

  • Kevin and I only met about 6 months ago however we instantly connected and have done a fair amount of back-n-forth creative brainstorming, idea swapping, coaching and support with each other’s entrepreneurial projects. When we first met I was instantly drawn to his energy. As you’ll quickly find out Kevin is happy, full of life and a go-getter. He is passionate about what he’s doing. He listens to what you’re doing. And he’ll do whatever he can to help you succeed. Bottom line. He cares. I recently hired Kevin to help me package some of my new coaching services and I reached out to him because I love that he can do multiple things for me, he’s part partner + designer + writer. And he’s all about the follow through. Getting things done. And taking action. And for me, that’s key. He recently shared a “rough-cut” for a speech he just wrote and honestly I was floored. I told him if he hasn’t realized it yet…he’s got it. Meaning, he’s got what it takes to do what he wants. And the fact that he’s genuine + honest + relatable is the icing on the cake. Kevin, is the “full meal deal.” What you see, is what you get. And that big smile of his is held up with heart :)

  • He goes beyond every and all expectations. Not only does he proactively help those in his network, he does it with extreme enthusiasm, love, and creativity. I’ve never met anyone that supports his network more than Kevin.

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